Why Vote? MV 2010

We have a duty both as Muslims and Britons to organise and vote:

As Citizens:

  • Represent yourself in your local council, in the UK Parliament and in Europe
  • Across the world the right to be heard is a hard won – Muslims know this well. It starts here
  • It is vital to counter the rise of racist and Islamophobic far right political parties which have made considerable gains in recent years
  • Our role and responsibility as concerned British citizens in this or any election should not be to silence our voice, out of fear of being ‘spoilers’ or of being identified as a Muslim: this succumbs to anti-Muslim fear-mongering that will only fester in continued bigotry
  • We have the same rights to petition and assemble as do the Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Agnostic, or Atheistic communities, or any community for that matter

As Muslims:

  • Voting is not only a civic imperative; it’s a religious obligation’ Dr AbdulBari, MCB Secretary General
  • We have a religious obligation to join others to seek the common good
  • Until the British Muslim community is effectively organized in the United Kingdom, it will continue to be vulnerable to slurs and misperceptions and our many contributions and service to this country will go unnoticed

See statement of Ulema