USA Embarked On Israeli-Style Siege of Fallujah, Iraq

08 Apr 2004

The Muslim Council of Britain is appalled at the ongoing atrocities and indiscriminate killings being committed by US forces in Iraq.

“The United States Army appears to have embarked on a murderous Israeli-style siege of Fallujah, Iraq. Yesterday’s bombing of the Abdul Aziz al-Samarrai Mosque complex combined with the horrific killings of over 290 Iraqi civilians, including small children, in Fallujah in the past few days have shocked Muslims worldwide. These events together with the attempt to militarily silence the Shi’i leader, Muqtada al-Sadr and his followers, will do nothing to help dispel the impression that the United States is attempting to break the will of the Iraqi people. We urge our government to distance itself from the United States and pull British troops out of the Iraqi quagmire,” said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The MCB also criticises much of the media’s ‘sanitised’ coverage of the carnage in Iraq and believes that they are deliberately downplaying the scale of suffering being inflicted on ordinary Iraqis by the US forces. In doing so, the British media has demeaned the value of Iraqi lives.

“Many British Muslims are understandably sceptical of much of the media in this country and are turning to independent sources such as al-Jazeera to find out what is actually going on in Iraq,” added Iqbal Sacranie.


Note for Editors:
Al-Jazeera has a news crew in Fallujah and you can see some of their pictures at:

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