There is no Military Solution to Crisis in Pakistan

18 May 2009

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) today expresses its grave concern by the worsening humanitarian crisis in the Pakistan north-west province and Swat valley in particular. Many British Muslims – especially those with deep ties to the country – have voiced serious alarm at this appalling alarming tragedy. The current crisis has led to almost one million civilians to flee their homes – the largest human exodus since the partition of India in 1947.

`The main victim of this brutal conflict is the innocent civilian population. We are utterly distressed by their extreme trauma and massive displacement. Whatever the rights or wrongs, one thing is certain, there could be no military solution to the crisis’, said Secretary General Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari.

The MCB urges all concerned parties to return to the negotiating table forthwith and pursue a political path out of the current impasse. We also call upon all external forces to respect the territorial integrity of Pakistan and will of its people.

`This widening conflict threatens to engulf the states of the region and more dangerously undermine international security. Our government is now more than ever obliged to support Pakistani political reconciliation and an immediate end to this destructive war of attrition.” Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari added.