The BBC decision will Increase Islamophobia and Anti-Muslim Violence

22 Oct 2009

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) today joined the growing coalition of voices who are concerned at the BBC’s misguided resolution in providing a platform to the far right on prime time TV. Such a decision will create deep divisions in our society, and is disrespectful to the memory of those people, including many Muslims, who sacrificed so much to end Fascism in Europe during the Second World War. The decision by the BBC only legitimises far right extremism, and will further increase Islamophobia and anti-Muslim violence that has showed a marked increase during the last few months.

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary General of the MCB, said, `We regret the BBC’s decision. There is a general fear that allowing the BNP to air its toxic views will increase Islamophobia and give the BNP aura of respectability needed to spread their message of hate.’

The MCB calls upon all the political parties and civil society organisations to recognise the growing trend of Islamophobia as a serious threat to peace, stability and community cohesion. British Muslims should join their fellow citizens to remain vigilant and to stand up against this far right racist bigotry. They should also report any Islamophobic attack to the authorities immediately and raise awareness using all democratic and legal methods.