Put People First rally – Muslims join fellow Britons in their fight for jobs, the climate and a new economy

27 Mar 2009

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) and its affiliated bodies will be sending their members to join fellow citizens in this important rally [Saturday 28th March] prior to the G20 Summit in London.

They have responded to calls made by the Muslim Council of Britain to engage with civil society and seek social justice and equity on local, national and international levels. “The G20 represents an attempt to create more stakeholders in the global economic architecture”, noted Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, MCB Secretary General.

“As Prime Minister Gordon Brown observed, theĀ Washington Consensus, designed to push the burden of adjustment disproportionately on developing countries, is no longer tenable. A new global order with a wider range of stakeholders is the only way to create the global response to overcome the crisis by flawed financial capitalism. The MCB welcomes this sentiment and believes this will lead to greater equity at a global level. It wants to participate fully in civil society efforts to ensure that the G20 Summit stays on course and does not get diverted to other agendas or mere window dressing,” he added.