Muslim Council of Britain Comments on The Situation in Iraq

The Muslim Council of Britain is extremely concerned with the deteriorating situation in Iraq and the human cost that is being paid by ordinary Iraqis. As we approach the holy month of Ramadan a week from now, we call for an end to the violence and pray for peace in this troubled land and region.

We are concerned by reports of young people from the UK who may feel it necessary to go to the region to help. But travelling to Iraq or Syria will not help the people of those countries, and will cause anguish for worried parents at home. Those going are a very small minority, but our community must come together to demonstrate to young people that there is a better way.

We unequivocally condemn the violence committed by ISIS/L (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant). The Muslim Council of Britain speaks out against all violence taking place in Iraq, whoever is the perpetrator.

Whilst all of Iraq’s leaders have a case to answer for the deepening divisions — often violently — in this fragile state; the depth and scale of barbarity attributed to ISIS is particularly unconscionable and is to be repudiated. Its actions are turning Iraqis further against each other, increasing sectarianism and are the driver of Muslims killing one another.

The MCB urges all concerned parties to avoid inflammatory and sectarian language that may exacerbate tensions. At this time of difficulty and growing tensions in the Muslim world, we call on scholars, leaders and institutions from all traditions to stand firm against sectarianism and celebrate our unity.

In the UK, we have a strong history of intra-faith collaboration, most recently through the intra-faith unity statement established by the Muslim Council of Britain and signed by a cross-section of our community. We call on institutions across the country to sign up to this declaration as the first step of our ongoing commitment to a strong united community.”

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