MCB Welcomes Metropolitan Police Decision to Compensate Babar Ahmed

18 Mar 2009

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said, `The MCB is very pleased with the decision of the Metropolitan Police offering Babar Ahmed compensation for the treatment he suffered while in custody. Good sense has at long last prevailed.

Amidst a challenging climate for community cohesion, the MCB would also like to remind all British citizens (of all persuasions) not to allow the misguided actions of a tiny minority of unscrupulous police officers taint the image of the Police force who work for the good of the whole society and stand for the equality of every citizen before the law. However it is imperative that the Metropolitan Police now takes all necessary steps to improve confidence amongst the public. Such measures must include the carrying out of an independent and thorough inquiry into the causes and processes which allowed law to be broken by the very people who the public looks to for enforcement of the law.

We earnestly hope that the Secretary of State will now review the decision of extradition made against Babar Ahmed, thereby making the proceedings pending before the European Court of Human Rights otiose. We reiterate what we have said in the past. If Babar Ahmed has committed any crimes he should be tried in Britain. Arrangements dictated by political convenience such as the extradition arrangements with the US of British citizens should not remain extant as they erode the fundamental principles of our system of justice and fairness.’