MCB Welcomes Government Recognition of Faith Schools

10 Sep 2007

The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes the Government’s ‘Faith in the System’ document produced in consultation with all faith communities. The document brings much needed clarity to faith-based educational provision in England which is often misunderstood. It rightfully acknowledges the enormous contribution that faith schools make to children’s education and in preparing them to become valuable members of society.

MCB also welcomes the Government’s continued commitment to choice and diversity within educational provision that upholds parental preferences for different types of schooling. Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, MCB Secretary General and noted educationalist said “Education is an extremely important vehicle for promoting greater understanding, respect, harmony; appreciating diversity where there are differences. The Muslim Council of Britain and Muslim faith schools are committed to promoting these values to achieve greater harmony and community cohesion to benefit society.”


1. ‘Faith in the System’ was published on 10th September 2007 and can be found

2. State-funded Muslim schools include Islamia School (