MCB Welcomes Government Proposal to Extend Equalities Provision on Services to Cover Religion

04 Dec 2008

As Harriet Harman so aptly said today fairness and equality are enduring principles of basic human dignity. The Muslim Council of Britain warmly welcomes the governments’ decision to extend the positive duty on public authorities for the provision of goods, facilities and services on grounds of religion, announced today in the Queen’s Speech.

The proposal is a manifestation of government’s recognition of disparity in current laws in this regard – an issue that the MCB has for long campaigned.

Commenting on the proposal Dr Mohammad Abdul Bari, the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said, “We are delighted that the government has at last listened to the argument we have made for years. The proposal requires the support of all fair minded people as it is based on the requirements of treating all equally and fairly.’

`The MCB stands ready to work with the government and all other agencies to make this long overdue change a success. This change in law will bring about real difference in the lives of people who, without this change, were left on the margins and often excluded as to their needs in the provision of goods, facilities and services,” he added.

Notes to Editors

1. The Muslim Council of Britain is a representative British Muslim umbrella body with over 500 affiliated national, regional and local organisations, mosques, charities and schools.

2. The proposed bill aims to place a positive duty on public bodies to promote equality in the provision of goods, facilities and services.