MCB Supports Multi-Faith Call for Migrant Amnesty

17 Apr 2009

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is supporting a multi-faith call for migrant amnesty and called upon thousands of its supporters and affiliates to join the 4th May rally in London. The rally will be calling for large numbers of refused asylum seekers and visa overstayers to be made citizens. The Strangers into Citizens Day of Action and Celebration is expected to be one of the largest ever public acts by Britain’s faith communities, and the biggest pro-immigrant crowd ever assembled.

Muslims will be meeting in designated mosques and community centres across London before heading to Trafalgar Square where they will join with churches, associations and trade unions to argue for a one-off amnesty. Some 3,000 Muslims are expected to meet at 11:30 am at Tothill Street, SW1, before marching on to Trafalgar Square where they merge with thousands waving Union Jack flags arriving for the Strangers into Citizens rally at midday in Trafalgar Square, at which 20,000 are expected. Among those speaking in the square will be Dr. Abdul Bari, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Dr Bari said: “This is a humanitarian issue. There are many immigrants who have more or less settled in this country, some with their families. Many have come from various countries for different reasons. Now that they are here, and as long as they are undocumented, they cannot contribute economically, even though they contribute to the fabric of society. They are not recognised and it is important that they and their contribution be recognised, so the whole country can benefit”.

The Strangers into Citizens Day of Action and Celebration will bring together Muslims, Christians, Chinese, Latin-Americans and other communities an exuberant day of diversity and performances. The Muslim Council of Britain, a consortium of 500 mosques, charities and community groups has been working with other charities, NGOs and faith groups to fight for the common causes that affect the lives of ordinary Britons.


The Muslim Council of Britain is an umbrella body of some 500 mosques, charities and schools.

Strangers into Citizens