MCB Supports Freedom of Conscience

25 Jan 2007

The Muslim Council of Britain fully supports the principled stand taken by the leaders of the Catholic and Anglican churches on the Sexual Orientation Regulations (SOR). The right to practice one’s faith, or the freedom to have no belief, is a cornerstone of our society as is the right of all to live free from unfair discrimination and harassment.

The MCB whilst reiterating its support for anti-discrimination laws will naturally remain vigilant about the potential of any legislation to conflict with our belief. Homosexuality is forbidden in Islam. The Sexual Orientation Regulations as we understand them do not promote homosexuality but would provide protection against discrimination and harassment on account of sexual orientation.

`As Muslims we are obliged to uphold the moral standards and codes of conduct dictated by our faith,’ said Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, MCB Secretary-General.

The MCB urges the government to review its position that Sexual Orientation Regulations can have no exemptions. This argument, we believe, is absurd and inconsistent with domestic as well as international legal precedents. Each anti discrimination legislation has exemptions.

The MCB maintains that the Regulations need to take full account of our multifaith, multicultural and multiethnic society and, wherever appropriate, make accommodation to accord with differing beliefs and values.