MCB Supports Call for Special Prayers

20 Mar 2003

The Muslim Council of Britain fully supports the call made by its affiliates and others across the country to offer special prayers of need – Salat al-Haajah – to pray for the safety and welfare of the Iraqi people, in all mosques on Friday 21 March after the main weekly congregational prayer.

According to the blessed Prophet Muhammad, there is no barrier between the prayers of the oppressed and their Lord. The Iraqi people have suffered the double tragedy of being ruled by the tyrant regime of Saddam Hussein and then have had their pain compounded by twelve years of economic sanctions and regular US/UK bombing.

The MCB appeals to the Imams of mosques around the country to focus their Friday sermon on the unfolding human tragedy in the Gulf and the consequent threat to world peace. British Muslims should continue to play their legitimate role in solidarity with the national peace movement.


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