MCB Supports Call for Inquiry into Leaks and Related Matters

27 April 2007

The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes and fully supports the calls by senior politicians across the political divide for an inquiry into the alleged leaks of information to the media prior to the arrests of Muslim suspects.

MCB Secretary-General Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said, `We have always maintained that no-one regardless of their faith or crime should be tried by the media. We have a distinguished legal tradition whose integrity should not be sacrificed for cheap political gains.’

`This latest episode concerning Muslim suspects in Birmingham raises the unpleasant and disturbing spectre of the impartiality and independence of the law enforcement agencies. If law enforcement policies are developed and enforced in concert with sections of the media, it is inevitable that many in the community would seriously question the motivation of such policies,’ added Dr Abdul Bari.

Following the arrest of nine Muslims in Birmingham in February 2007 the MCB wrote to the Attorney General urging him to consider the publication of a protocol reminding all concerned of their duty not to undermine, prejudice or compromise the right of the accused to a fair trial.

The MCB reiterates its call for a comprehensive inquiry into the alleged leaks and all other related matters to the policing of the Muslim community. Such an inquiry would help immeasurably to restore public confidence in the integrity of our law enforcement agencies, a factor which is indispensable to their success.