MCB Organises Special Muslim Youth Conference With the GLA

01 Oct 2003

The Muslim Council of Britain is organising a special one day conference for Muslim youth at City Hall, London on Thursday 2nd October 2003.

“This conference presents the youth from London’s 700,000 strong Muslim community with an opportunity to engage with the Greater London Authority with a view to seeking the common good. The UK’s 2001 Census found that our community has a very young demographic profile. The MCB is delighted to be able to co-operate with the GLA in ensuring that the service needs of Muslim youth are met and that the challenges of Islamophobia, under-achievement in education, unemployment, and crime are responded to vigorously,” said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of The MCB.

The attendees will come from many of The MCB’s affiliated organisations including the Islamic Society of Britain, The Young Muslims UK, Islamic Forum Europe, Muslim Association of Britain and others. The conference follows a very successful seminar The MCB organised last Sunday which helped London Muslims to build contacts with the various functional bodies of the GLA.