MCB meets Director General of the Institute of Directors (IoD)

25 Sep 2006

An MCB delegation consisting of former Secretary General Sir Iqbal Sacranie and treasurer, Mrs Unaiza Malik, together with Sir Sigmund Sternberg, met with the Director General of the Institute of Directors, Mr Miles Templeman on Monday 25 September at the IoD offices in London. This meeting follows a representation made to George Cox, the previous Director General of the IOD two years earlier by Sir Sigmund and the late Sheikh Dr. Zaki Badawi, co-founders of the Three Faiths Forum, to inform its members of the necessity of employing members of minority communities, and in particular the growing Muslim community.

Last week’s meeting was arranged to discuss the higher-than-average level of unemployment in the British Muslim community and ways in which the MCB, IoD and Three Faiths Forum can work together to alleviate difficulties and discrimination faced by Muslims in the UK labour market.

Mr Templeman, speaking of his hope to see more Muslims take their place in the British economy and contribute to the country’s economic growth, discussed various proposals to this end with the MCB delegation.

Proposals that were discussed included the possibility of an article in Director magazine, which may help dispel some of the misconceptions about Muslims.

Other activities that were discussed included the possibility of inviting an international Muslim guest speaker to an IoD event to speak on Islam and Muslims in the hope of countering employment discrimination borne of a fear of ‘the other’.

The MCB looks forward to working with the Mr Miles Templeman and the IoD in its efforts to effect real change to the economic difficulties faced by British Muslims. The MCB, already having established links with the Trades Unions Congress in this regard, hopes also to work with employers groups to remedy the high incidence of unemployment in the British Muslim community and its consequential effects on quality of life and standard of living.