MCB Launches ‘Celebrating Faith’ Brochure for This Year’s Interfaith Week Celebration

23 Nov 2010

As part of the National Interfaith week 2010 celebration, The Muslim Council of Britain’s inter faith relations committee will be holding a seminar on Inter faith dialogue and engagement on Wednesday 24th November at the House of Lords in Westminster. Young representatives from MCB affiliates, as well as some faith leaders will speak on inter faith work from their religious perspective. Professor Tariq Ramadan will give the keynote speech on `Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) Role in Inter faith Relations’.

The MCB has played a proactive role in the development of inter faith work in various fields including healthcare chaplaincy since 1997 and has organised many events to work towards increasing inter faith understanding and co-operation. The Secretary General of MCB, Farooq Murad, states, “At the MCB, we value faith, all faiths, because faith provides the essential moorings to avoid drifting meaninglessly in the dark sea of doubt and disbelief. This is precisely why from its very inception the MCB has attached enormous importance to inter faith work.”

To commemorate the event, the MCB is also launching a special publication under the title, ‘Celebrating Faith’, which highlights the MCB’s continuous work towards developing inter faith relations and also includes narratives of MCB affiliates about their contribution towards inter faith activities. Dr Manazir Ahsan, the chair of the inter faith relations committee says, “Along with a mutual tolerance and respect, efforts have to be made to deepen our inter faith, and intra faith work in order to increase understanding between our faiths and to strengthen our co-operation in pursuit of social justice, human dignity and the common good of all citizens.”

Click here to download the brochure