MCB Holds Fringe Meeting At Labour Party Conference

01 Oct 2003

The Muslim Council of Britain is holding a fringe meeting today at the Labour Party conference today to discuss ‘The Impact of International Conflicts on UK Muslims.’

Iqbal Sacranie, the Secretary-General of the MCB, will say: “The war against Iraq has driven a wedge between a party that has historically been able to rely upon the votes of minority communities and Britain’s largest minority faith community – the Muslim community.”

Mr Sacranie will outline three key domestic policy concerns of British Muslims: the need to outlaw religious discrimination; measures to tackle high levels of poverty and social exclusion and concern about the curtailment of civil liberties and the targeting by the authorities of Muslim organisations.

Mr Sacranie will emphasise the positive contribution Muslims are making to British society and acknowledge progress made by the government in responding to the needs of faith communities.

Looking ahead, he will urge the government to work constructively with the Muslim community by addressing its concerns. “Our aim must be to ensure we make Britain a successful multi-faith and multi-cultural society”.

The other panellists at the meeting will include: Mike O’Brien MP (Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister), Fiona MacTaggart MP (Home Office Minister) and Cllr. Sadiq Khan (Chairman, MCB Legal Affairs Committee).


Note To Editors

1. The MCB fringe meeting will begin at 6.15pm on Wednesday 1st October 2003 at Salisbury Suite, Pavilion Hotel, Bournemouth.