MCB Expresses Delight Over London Olympic Bid Victory

06 Jul 2005

The Muslim Council of Britain has received the news of London’s success to host the 2012 Olympics with pride and delight.

MCB Secretary-General Iqbal Sacranie publicly congratulated Lord Coe, Mayor Livingstone and the entire bid team for their historic achievement. He said, ‘this is wonderful news, especially in terms of regeneration and reflects well on London’s leading position as a vibrant multicultural city.’

Earlier this week, the MCB Secretary-General – in his capacity as a Bid Ambassador – had written to the Organisation of Islamic Conference and had also spoken with several key Muslim Ambassadors urging Muslim member countries to support the London bid.

The MCB takes this auspicious occasion to reaffirm its utmost support to ensure the success of the 2012 Olympiad.