MCB Expresses Deep Concern over Mistaken Killing in Stockwell

23 Jul 2005

The Muslim Council of Britain expresses its deepest condolences to the family of the innocent man who was shot dead yesterday by the police in Stockwell, South London.

`While we accept that the police are under tremendous pressure to apprehend the criminals who are attempting to cause carnage on the streets of London, it is absolutely vital that utmost care is taken to ensure that innocent people are not killed due to overzealousness,’ said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The MCB has received numerous calls from distressed British Muslims since the killing in Stockwell. We have also received several reports of young Muslim men who were going about their everyday business being forced to the ground by plain clothes officers and who are now very fearful.

`We are all going through a difficult period. Following yesterday’s release of the CCTV images, all of us – Muslim and non-Muslim – must be united in helping the police identify and bring to justice those who are plotting the mass murder of innocent Britons. At the same time, the police also have a duty of care to ensure that they do everything humanly possible to protect innocent members of the public and prevent needless deaths,’ added Sir Iqbal.

The MCB understands that this killing is now being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission and urges everyone to await its findings.


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