MCB Demands End To Carnage And Sacrilege in Najaf al-Sharif

13 Aug 2004
The Muslim Council of Britain is utterly appalled by the reckless, insensitive and unjustified American air bombardment of the holy Iraqi city of Najaf. The MCB believes there is no military necessity for the excessive and disproportionate use of force by the Americans in Najaf. We condemn it categorically and call for an immediate end to the carnage.

Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Deputy Secretary-General of the MCB said:

“We did not realise that the US vision of a ‘liberated and democratic’ Iraq would include the bombing of civilians in their places of worship. It is ironic that the occupiers who reviled Saddam Hussein for his repression of the Shi’ite uprising in 1991 are today using the same repressive methods against the Muslim people of Iraq only because they oppose the Baghdad client regime and seek an end to the foreign occupation of their country.”

The MCB notes with trepidation the sinister closure of the Al Jazeera satellite station on the eve of the onslaught on Najaf. We are particularly disturbed by reports of the use of cluster bombs in Najaf, a weapon that is banned internationally. The MCB calls upon all human rights organisations to condemn the attacks on Najaf and to investigate these reports of American use of unconventional weapons in Najaf and other Iraq cities.

The MCB also urges the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) to assume its responsibilities and call for an immediate halt to the US aggression against the Iraqi people. The only long-term solution is for an immediate end to the US attacks, a full and complete withdrawal of all foreign forces in Iraq and the genuine restoration of that country’s sovereignty.


Note for Editors:

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