Leading Muslim Scholars Urge British Muslims to Vote on 4 June

28 May 2009

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) today endorses the statement by British Ulema (Islamic Scholars) on local and European elections on 4 June.

In a joint¬†Statement, the Islamic scholars representing diverse traditions and schools of thoughts call on the community to mobilise and actively take part in the elections and vote on 4 June. Describing the participation in the democratic process as ‘vital’, the scholars urge the Muslim population to join hands with others to elect those who will seek the common good in a spirit of public service.

The statement notes that British Muslims have an added responsibility to vote in the European elections, as xenophobic, extremist right wing parties have a very real chance of gaining national prominence by winning a seat in the European Parliament. Using public money and a prominent platform, they will further perpetuate their message of hate against minorities especially Muslims.

The MCB endorses the call of these ulema and urges Imams and other community leaders to widely circulate this statement to ensure wider Muslim participation in our local and Europe wide democratic process.



1. The Muslim Council of Britain is an umbrella group of 500 Muslim organisations – mosques, charities, community groups.

2. The MCB campaigns to encourage Muslims to fully participate in Britain’s democratic traditions and exercise their vote. For further information please visit:¬†www.mcb.org.uk/vote2009