House of Commons Meeting – Iraq: Can the War Be Averted?

12 Mar 2003

Although the majority of people in the UK and in the world remain adamantly opposed to a unilateral attack on Iraq and international lawyers are suggesting that such an attack might constitute a crime against peace, the US Administration seems determined to go ahead with this act of aggression.

It is vital that the voices of reason and restraint are heard. A war in Iraq would cause chaos, instability and anger throughout the Middle East and in the Muslim world. To this end, on Thursday 13 March 2003 Alice Mahon MP, Mohammad Sarwar MP and the Muslim Council of Britain are holding a meeting entitled “Iraq: Can the War Be Averted?” The meeting will be held in Committee Room 6 at the House of Commons, commencing at 2.30 pm.

`All around the globe, people want to see this crisis resolved peacefully. In certain circumstances the use of force may be necessary to secure a lasting peace. But the reality is that it would cause great human suffering; that it may lead to regional instability and economic crises; and it can – as it often has – lead to unintended consequences, new threats and dangers’ (Kofi Annan).

Let us halt this madness before it is too late.


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