Have Faith in British Justice: Put Babar Ahmed on Trial in the UK NOT the US

27 Oct 2011

The Muslim Council of Britain urges all British Citizens to sign the petition calling for Babar Ahmad, a 37 year old British Muslim held for 7 years without charge on an extradition request by the US, to be put on trial in the United Kingdom.Farooq Murad, Secretary General of the MCB, commented, “The case of Babar Ahmad is problematic: here is a British citizen who is alleged to have committed crimes that can be prosecuted under British law and yet he is being shipped off to the United States, under the controversial Extradition Act 2003. The United States has a troubling record in dealing with terror suspects and therefore the British government has a responsibility to ensure the rights of its citizens are protected while at the same time ensuring justice is served.”

The Rt Hon Sadiq Khan MP, Member of Parliament for Tooting said: “As Babar’s Member of Parliament, I have worked with his family and legal team for a number of years arguing that any trial should be held in the UK. I have known Babar for many years – we grew up in the same area of south London. This petition is a good way to raise public awareness of Babar’s case.”

The MCB is supporting a call to designate Friday 28th October as ‘Babar Ahmad Day’ encouraging mosques across the country to get their congregations to sign the petition.

To sign the e-petition, click here: