Government Officials Urged To Refrain From Prejudicing Any Future Sajid Badat Trial

29 Nov 2003

Following Thursday’s arrest of Mr Sajid Badat, 24, from Gloucester, the Muslim Council of Britain has urged government officials to refrain from making public statements that could serve to prejudice any future trial, as echoed by the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith this morning who will be examining Mr Blunkett’s remarks on this matter.

“It is crucial that if Sajid Badat is to be charged with any offences by the police, then he should receive – and be seen to receive – a scrupulously fair trial. Any attempt by the government or its officials to seek to influence the outcome of the trial by publicly prejudging Mr Badat’s guilt or otherwise would be wholly unacceptable. British Muslims should have their rights to a fair trial safeguarded just as any other British citizens,” said Mr Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the MCB.

The MCB statement of concern follows the Home Secretary, David Blunkett’s comments to the British media in which he stated that the Security Services believed that Mr Sajid Badat posed “a very real threat to the life and liberty of our country. This person has connections with the network of al-Qa’ida groups.”


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