Fallujah’s Citizens Pay Ultimate Price For Neo-Con Fantasy In Iraq

10 Nov 2004

T H E  M U S L I M  C O U N C I L  O F  B R I T A I N

9th November 2004
Press Release

Fallujah’s Citizens Pay Ultimate Price For Neo-Con Fantasy In Iraq

The Muslim Council of Britain is utterly appalled by the US Army’s barbaric assault on the besieged and long-suffering Iraqi city of Fallujah. Reports from Iraq indicate that the US Army has damaged equipment in the main hospital in Fallujah, arrested members of its staff and is denying Iraqi doctors permission to travel to tend to the Iraqi wounded. This is in addition to the US Army cutting off supplies of water and electricity to the city.

`We have long stated that the only solution in Iraq is for all foreign armies to leave and allow the Iraqis to determine their own affairs and regain control of their own territory and resources. The war against Iraq and the continuing military occupation of Iraq by the US and British governments is illegal as was recently confirmed by the UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan. It is highly improbable that the US Army is going to help usher in an era of liberation and democracy in Iraq by terrorising and killing its citizens in this ghastly manner,’ said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the MCB.

At the same time, the Muslim Council of Britain is disappointed that much of the British media are once again failing to truly convey the full horror of what is occurring in Iraq. The low-key coverage given by our media to the astonishing report last week in the scientific journal, The Lancet, which estimated that more than 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died than would have been expected had the invasion of Iraq not occurred, is truly regrettable.


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