European Parliament Elections: Muslims Urged to Register before May 19 Deadline

22 Apr 2009

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) is urging British Muslims to register to vote for the forthcoming European elections on Thursday 4 June 2009. The deadline for registration is Tuesday 19 May 2009 and details are available on the website

“The directives of the European Parliament do eventually influence national policies and the MCB now seeks follow-up action to the many studies that have been commissioned on the issues of tackling xenophobia and racism in Europe. In electing our MEPs, we need to ensure that they are committed to issues of social justice and civil liberties”, said the MCB Secretary General Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari.

In countering the extreme right wing danger, the MCB is partnering with many like-minded organisations and individuals to form a broad coalition. We call upon all voters to play their part and make informed choices on polling day.



1. The Muslim Council of Britain is a non-partisan umbrella body of 500 Muslim organisations – mosques, charities, schools and community groups etc.- that cater to the religious, spiritual and social needs of a large majority of British Muslims.

2. The MCB campaigns to encourage Muslims to fully participate in Britain’s democratic traditions and exercise their vote. Since its inception, the MCB has launched several national and local campaigns to raise awareness about the Muslim participation in political and civic affairs of the country. It has published several documents ‘Electing to Listen’, ‘The Voters Card’ and ‘Electing to Deliver’ to guide Muslims in the discharge of their civic duty.