EID MUBARAK from the Muslim Council of Britain

26 Aug 2011


Dear sister, brother, friend,

As the blessed month of Ramadan leaves again for another year, I would like to take this opportunity to extend on behalf of the Muslim Council of Britain Eid greetings to all Muslims and people of other faiths and communities. May this Eid be a peaceful, joyous and blessed occasion for our families and communities.

Eid is a very special occasion where Britain’s richly diverse Muslim communities celebrate and give thanks for Ramadan, the blessed month of fasting that we observed together. It is a month where we not only refrain from food from dawn to dusk, but we also use the opportunity to remember God and His message of peace and justice, discipline and obedience, brotherhood and compassion by reading and listening to the Quran. It is a most rewarding month for charity and doing good works for all people, regardless of faith. Traditionally we have seen Muslims donate to charities in great numbers, and this year was no different especially as many of us were moved by the onset of famine in the Horn of Africa.

For British Muslims, this month was a particularly sad one as we witnessed, along with our fellow countrymen, the devastation caused by rioting across England. From crisis, we have seen how Muslims have worked hand-in-hand with others to protect their communities and deal with the clean-up. The people of Birmingham saw tragedy when three young men lost their lives in defence of their neighbourhood.

But from this tragedy came the truly inspirational intervention of Tariq Jahan, whose son Haroon Jahan was brutally killed just round the corner from his home. His dignified patience and call for peace soothed the community and the nation at a time of great tension. Tariq Jahan captured the great essence of patience in Islam and British Muslims everywhere are grateful for Mr Jahan playing a truly representative role for our community and our faith.

His call for calm should resonate now as the soul-searching about the riots continue. The riots were wrong, but we hope there will be a careful analysis of the problem that such chaos no longer happens on our streets.

This month of Ramadan has certainly been a transformational one not only for our community, but also, I hope, for our personal lives. This is a time for all of to consider how British Muslims can unite together and contribute towards a better future for Britain.

The Muslim Council of Britain was formed in 1997, amongst many reasons, to seek the common good of all. You can learn about our activities on our YouTube video (www.youtube.com/muslimcouncil). At a time when Britain is undergoing profound change, the role of Muslims playing a positive role is important now than any time before. I hope you can play your part by donating to our activities and by contributing to our work. The MCB is a democratic organisation and is strengthened by the many mosques and association affiliated to it. If you would like to affiliate your organisation, download  the affiliation form.

As we celebrate Eid, let us take the good we accrued this month for the rest of the year. Let us give our prayer of thanks and gratitude to Allah, continue to remember the needy and keep the spirit of patience, giving and solidarity alive.

Farooq Murad
Secretary General
Muslim Council of Britain