British Muslims Urge Justice not Vengeance

19th September 2001

British Muslims and Muslims everywhere must add their voice to the call for those who are suspected of the atrocity in the US be brought to trial. “Now is the time for all Muslims to show the world that we stand for justice. The pursuit of justice is the Islamic ideal and Muslims must be in the vanguard to secure justice for this crime against humanity,” said Secretary General Yousuf Bhailok.

The world needs to know how this crime was planned, co-ordinated and executed to prevent such terror ever happening again. Evidence against any group or individual – including Osama Bin Laden – who are suspects must be objective and credible. This must be shared with the international community and followed by a public trial in an international court.

The world powers must not respond with military action; that will only add to the tally of innocent lives lost. Blameless people must not pay the price for a crime they did not commit. Greatness lies in upholding justice, even under such dire circumstances. This is an opportunity for the world community to demonstrate its core values and principles remain triumphant, in direct contrast to the barbarity of those that committed this atrocity.

We can only demand justice for all innocents who suffer worldwide if we do what is right and just without hesitation or equivocation. It is our duty to make security, justice and peace possible by our actions and our words.