British Muslims Urge Government to Enact Sanctions Against Israel

8th April 2002
In the wake of the clear defiance of last week’s UN resolution calling on the Israeli army to withdraw from the occupied Palestinian territories, the Muslim Council of Britain urged the Government to show it was serious by enacting measures to force an immediate Israeli withdrawal.
“The Israeli war machine is defying world opinion, killing Palestinians seemingly at will and is forbidding medical staff from reaching and tending to the wounded, old and young. This is clearly breach of International law and legality as well as simply act of barbarism,” said Yousuf Bhailok, Secretary-General of the MCB.
British Muslims wonder why our Government, even now, is not showing more steel in bringing an end to a regime of terror and destruction. Why does our Government not go beyond verbal gestures when it comes to dealing with the brutal 35-year long military occupation of Palestine, and Israel’s flagrant refusal to abide by numerous UN resolutions? At this very minute, the most sacred churches in Bethlehem are under siege and attack. We also fear for the renewed sabotage of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. The time has come for forceful action, including sanctions, against a rogue Israeli government.
The MCB believes the current crisis has the making of a tragedy that could impact the lives of Muslims, Jews and Christians the world over and is currently trying to arrange a meeting with the Foreign Secretary, Rt. Hon. Jack Straw, to convey the concerns of the community.