British Muslims express sincere condolences to Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami victims

15 Mar 2011

The Muslim Council of Britain sends its sincere condolences to the people of Japan and the victims that tragically lost their lives as a result of last Friday’s earthquake, which occurred off the north-east coast of Japan. The undersea earthquake triggered a tsunami that has devastated north-eastern coastal towns and swept inland almost 10km, leaving havoc, death and destruction in its path. Many thousands have lost their lives and countless more remain without electricity, food or water.

This is set to become the worst natural disaster to hit Japan in recorded history – and Stephen McDonald from UK charity, Save the Children, estimates that “up to 100,000 children have been displaced because of last Friday’s earthquake and tsunami.”

The Secretary General of the MCB, Farooq Murad, said: “It is certainly a most terrible and heart rending disaster. Our thoughts and prayers are with the suffering people of Japan. We all urgently need to step up and take action now. We encourage everyone to make donations to the many charitable agencies that are available and ready on standby.”

MCB affiliates who are some of the UK’s most leading Muslim charities are now working to collect funds, to help with major relief efforts in the disaster struck areas. Muslim charities are launching emergency appeals to support the victims of the tsunami. While others remain on standby to help where ever they are needed the most.

Mosques across the country will also be launching appeals to their congregation this Friday to help raise funds for Japan. Mosques will also be delivering sermons to raise awareness in the Muslim community of the natural disaster.