Another Israeli War Crime in Qana – UK Must Insist on Immediate Ceasefire

30 Jul 2006

The Israeli massacre of more than 54 civilians, including at least 34 children at Qana early this morning is merely the latest in a long line of terrible war crimes against the peoples of the region that have been committed by the Jewish state since its foundation.

`The continuing refusal of the United States and the United Kingdom to insist on an immediate ceasefire has diminished us in the court of world public opinion and has made us complicit in these atrocities in the eyes of hundreds of millions of Muslims around the world. We simply cannot understand why our Prime Minister appears to be so deaf to the calls from the British public, including members of his own party and Cabinet, to speak out against the repeated Israeli violations of international law and the Geneva Conventions. These poor people killed today had already been terrorised into fleeing their homes by the Israeli war machine and thought tragically that they had secured some temporary respite in Qana from Israel’s US-supplied weaponry. It is a deep source of shame that our country still allows US weapons to reach Israel through our own airports while hypocritically calling for more blankets and food to be sent to Lebanon,’ said Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The MCB believes that Israel’s slaughter of civilians in Lebanon and the occupied Palestinian territories will not break the resolve of their respective peoples. This cowardly policy has been tried for decades by successive Israeli governments and has only produced highly motivated resistance movements. Many more will now be recruited into their ranks across the region and beyond due to Israel’s criminal behaviour.

We well understand the immense anger among British Muslims at the actions of the outlaw Israeli regime, however, we urge all British Muslims act in a dignified manner at all times and not to allow themselves to be provoked. The Stop The War Coalition have called for a national demonstration on Saturday 5th August. We call upon British Muslims and all people of goodwill to give the demonstration their fullest support. At the same time, we hope that Britons from all backgrounds will contact their MP to let them know about their immense concern regarding the Israeli rape of Lebanon and insist that they call on our government to act with respect for international law and end its craven support for the failed policies of the United States and Israel.