Unjust War, Now The Brutalities

11 May 2004

The Muslim Council of Britain believes that the seemingly unending stream of pictures emanating from Iraq showing Iraqis being tortured, brutalised and degraded by US/UK troops marks a turning point in the current conflict.

“With each passing day it is becoming ever clearer to the British public that this unnecessary war has been a disaster and has seriously harmed our country’s reputation and interests. We are increasingly being seen by the Iraqi people as unwelcome occupiers of their country. No amount of spin from the Neo-Cons can hide this reality. We urge our government to ensure that all US/UK troops that are found to have acted illegally are brought to justice swiftly. We must now begin to withdraw our troops from Iraq without delay. Saddam has been captured and the Iraqis must be allowed to take charge of their own country,” said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Today’s revelation that a number of Iraqi civilians, including a young girl, have been shot dead by British troops together with recent reports of Iraqi prisoners being raped and sodomised by US troops give rise to the suspicion that casual brutality towards Iraqis is now widespread among ‘Coalition’ forces.

“Amnesty International’s claim that the British Army has not seriously investigated Iraqi civilian deaths caused by British troops raises the most serious of questions. The government has therefore to ensure that such negligence or incompetence is not repeated again,” added Mr Sacranie.


Note for Editors:

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