UK Riots: MCB Condemns Riots and Joins Calls to Clean up Our Cities

09 Aug 2011

The Muslim Council of Britain expresses its condemnation of the violence, destruction of properties, looting and disgraceful attacks on the police in various parts of the capital and other towns. There can be no justification whatsoever for such mindless and thuggish behaviour.

We call upon all our communities to remain calm and vigilant. We ask community leaders to support the authorities, particularly, the police and the fire service in their valiant and commendable efforts to maintain law and order, and protect our streets and properties. We also request our communities and youth to provide whatever help they can in clearing and cleaning up. We join the appeal by authorities to urge parents to be extra vigilant over their children.

Searching questions will be asked about what led to these young yobs to carry out this thuggery. For now, tough and challenging times require unity and solidarity. It is essential that active and suitable fora are provided and utilised to work towards restoring peace, trust and mutual respect between all sections of the society.