The Muslim Council of Britain Welcomes UN Resolution on Syria

04 Aug 2011

The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) today welcomed the recent but belated condemnation by the United Nations of the Syrian government’s crackdown of its own people. For months now the regime has attacked innocent protestors who are making legitimate demands for human rights, representative government and the rule of law.

We welcome our government’s initiative in pursuing this resolution at the United Nations, and urge our government to use its diplomatic leverage to insist on reform in the Arab and Muslim world. In relation to Syria, we urge the UK government to put pressure on those Arab countries with whom we have good diplomatic relations, so that they work with their people and not tyrannise them for the expression of their rights.

The MCB has already spoken out against abuses elsewhere in the region and today re-iterates its call that our government must be consistent in its policy of demanding that Arab governments in the region respond to the democratic wishes of its people. The Arab Spring was an inspiration to all of us, and we must all ensure that we do not get in the way of this momentous moment in history.

Many Britons have relatives and ties with the Arab and Muslim world. We appeal to all the mosques and all our affiliates to support the charities that are aimed at offering relief to the victims of violence and conflict in the region.

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