Speeches An archive of 50 speeches and presentations by MCB representatives at a variety of events from 1999 to 2016. Secretary Generals’ speeches at MCB Annual General Meetings are available on a separate link, click here.

Other MCB Events

Books 4 Schools Project: Books4Schools Bradford 2007 Books4Schools Oxfordshire 2010 FootSteps Project: FootSteps School Visit 2008 FootSteps Meeting_2008 Mosque Capacity Building Project:  Mosque Capacity Building London 2007 Mosque Capacity Building Bradford 2007 Mosque Capacity Building Preston 2007 Mosque Capacity Building Manchester 2008 Mosque Capacity Building Sheffield 2008 Mosque Capacity Building Blackburn 2008 Mosque Capacity Building Birmingham 2008 Other Events: Dr ... Read More

Leadership Development Programme

The MCB’s innovative Leadership Development Programme was initiated by Dr Akber Mohamedali in 2003, and has been running continuously since on an annual basis. Proposal for LDP 2003 Aims, Programme Content, Philosophy 2003 Evaluation of First LDP 2003-04 2nd MCB LDP Alumni Dinner 2011

Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meetings of the Muslim Council of Britain take place every year, with National Council (formerly Central Working Committee) and Office Bearer elections every two years. AGM Programmes PROGRAMMES SG SPEECHES AGM Programme (2000) SG Speech 2000 AGM Programme (2001) SG Speech 2001 AGM Programme (2002) SG Speech 2002 AGM Programme (2003) SG Speech 2003 AGM Programme (2004) SG … Read More