Setback for international justice and morality

18 Mar 2003

The Muslim Council of Britain deeply regrets the abandonment of peaceful efforts to resolving the crisis in Iraq. The failure of the US and the UK to persuade members of the Security Council points to a failure not in the United Nations system but a failure to convince the majority of the Security Council that there was a case for a legitimate war on Iraq.

Commenting on the decision to withdraw the second resolution from a vote in the UN Security Council yesterday, Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of the MCB said “It is obvious that our position is one without support at home; it is without support abroad and it is without legal justification.”

He further said: “The effects of this war will have catastrophic and long-lasting consequences. This is a sad moment for us all. Military might, not high principle or international agreement has won the day. For the Iraqis who do survive the coming military onslaught this bodes ill for their future”.

The MCB calls upon the Prime Minister on the eve of war, to take a bold stand and avert the inevitable human tragedy. The MCB also calls upon Muslims and members of all faith communities to offer their prayers for peace and for the people of Iraq.


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