Remembering the Muslim contribution to Britain’s Armed Forces

10 Nov 2010

As Remembrance Sunday draws near, the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) pays tribute to the heroism and sacrifice of Muslims in the Armed Forces. There are many Muslims who serve in the Armed Forces today, they follow generations of Muslims who have sacrificed their lives in two World Wars. Remembrance Sunday should serve as a reminder to all of us that all faith communities, including Muslims, laid down their lives for this country.

Last year, the MCB published Remembering the Brave highlighting the long-standing and continued support from British Muslims for the Armed Forces. The MCB has republished the document ahead of Remembrance Sunday. The document outlines how Muslims have made a historic contribution to the defence of this nation. The document also covers the current contribution of British Muslims to the UK military.

‘Remembering the Brave’ acknowledges that the operations which the Armed Forces are engaged in today are deeply controversial. But that is not simply a concern amongst Muslims; it is shared by other British people also.

The Muslim Council of Britain’s Secretary General Farooq Murad said: We need to remind not only the Muslim community but also the general public that the Muslim contribution to the defence of this nation runs deep. Many Muslims will be joining fellow Britons this Sunday to remember those who made deep sacrifices for this country.

In July this year, the MCB leadership joined HRH The Prince of Wales in a special ceremony in France to honour the thousands of Commonwealth soldiers who died during the First World War.