Pork in “Halal” Chicken

27 Feb 2003

British Muslims were horrified whilst watching the report on a BBC 1 Programme “The Food Police” aired at 8.30pm on 26 February. The report clearly showed that a large amount of chicken which is labelled “Halal”, imported from Holland, contains extracts of pork and beef and has high levels of water content reaching between 30% and 50%. The boxes are labelled in Arabic and English and state that they are slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Shari’a. This chicken is widely distributed to restaurants and Halal food shops. It is imperative that Muslims are made aware of this mislabelling as it is forbidden to consume pork or any of its derivatives.

Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of The Muslim Council of Britain said “We intend to take this matter up with the Trading Standards Agency, Meat Hygiene Service and the Food Standards Agency and urge them to tighten the labelling laws and impose greater control over the production process of Halal foods. This clearly contravenes the Description of Food Act 1990, the Trade Description Act and associated legislation.”

Urgent action is required to investigate meats on the market for Muslim consumption. The Muslim Council of Britain requests that organisations verify and authenticate the procedures and practices of processing to ensure an end-product which fulfils Halal criteria and is fit for consumption by Muslims. Individuals should also double check with their Halal food suppliers.

For further information please contact the spokeman on Halal Meat and Food for the Muslim Council of Britain: Dr Abdul Majid Katme. Telephone 07944 240 622