New MCB Secretary-General to Visit Forest Gate This Evening to Listen to Muslim Concerns

05 Jun 2006

The newly-elected Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain, Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari, accompanied by senior colleagues from the MCB, is to visit Forest Gate, East London, this evening, to listen to concerns amongst the Muslim community there, especially, Muslim youths.

`Friday’s massive police raid purportedly looking for a suspected chemical bomb factory, and the conflicting accounts surrounding the shooting of the twenty-three year-old Abdul Kahar, have led to many questions being asked which need urgent answers. We are visiting Muslims in Forest Gate this evening to listen to their evident concerns. It is in the interest of all of us that trust is maintained and that if mistakes have been made by the police, that they are acknowledged and steps taken to rebuild relationships,’ said Dr Abdul Bari.

Dr Abdul Bari was elected as the new Secretary-General at yesterday’s 9th Annual General Meeting in which 400 delegates and observers representing Muslim organisations across the UK took part. Dr Daud Abdullah was elected as the Deputy Secretary-General and Mrs Unaiza Malik was elected as the MCB Treasurer.

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari is an educationalist with a PhD and PGCE from King’s College, London and a Management degree from the Open University. He has worked as an Air Force Officer in Bangladesh, researcher in physics, science teacher and SEN specialist in London. He is the former president of Islamic Forum Europe and is chair of the East London Mosque Trust. He is a member of the Inner Cities Religious Council and Pan-London Advisory Group on Faith. He is a board member of The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games Ltd.