Muslims Condole Demise of Cardinal Hume

The British Muslim community has expressed its deep grief and its sense of loss over the sad demise of the British Catholic leader, Cardinal Basil Hume OM.

18th June 1999

Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary General of The Muslim Council of Britain, said in a letter to the General Secretary of Catholic Bishops Conference of England & Wales,

Mgr Arthur Roche:

‘As members of the Abrahamic faith community, British Muslims sincerely grieve the passing away of the British Catholic leader, Cardinal Basil Hume and we wish to condole and share with you your’s as well as our sense of loss over the demise of this noble and respected personality.

‘At a time when religious and moral issues were under constant attack, we in the British Muslim community greatly valued his Catholic leadership on social and moral issues; especially his clear and uncompromising pro-life, pro-marriage and pro-family stand because these are the key elements which underpin the very fabric of society.

‘Whether it was the Inner Cities Religious Council, the Inter-faith Network or other fora of common endeavour, we always felt his inspiration in our Catholic colleagues.

‘We are also going to remember him for his great and abiding concern over questions of social justice and economic deprivation, most recently, his support for the cancellation of the debt of the poor countries caught in the debt cycle.

‘We, however, believe that the best way to celebrate the Cardinal’s memory is to continue his noble work with all the more vigour and the British Muslims look forward to continue to work together with the other faith communities for the common good of all.’


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