Muslims condemn reprehensible Nick Berg killing

12 May 2004

The Muslim Council of Britain expresses its disgust and condemnation of the indefensible murder in Iraq of the US civilian Nick Berg who was shown being beheaded on yet another allegedly ‘Islamic’ website video released yesterday.

“This is not just a heinous act, it is also utterly repugnant to the Islamic rules of war. The appalling abuses that are known to have occurred at the Abu Ghurayb prison in Baghdad cannot be used as a justification for this killing,” said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The US-led ‘coalition’ is facing mounting condemnation from all across the world for the disastrous and increasingly chaotic aftermath of launching its ill-conceived war against Iraq. The killing of hostages like Mr Berg can only aid those warmongers who believe that the Iraqis need ‘civilising’.


Note for Editors:

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