Muslims Begin a Month of Fasting

10 Aug 2011

The Muslim Council of Britain extends its best wishes to all for a peaceful and blessed month of Ramadan. For the next month many British Muslims will join others around the world as they fast from dawn to dusk and offer prayers and gratitude to God.

Muslims once again may start Ramadan on different days, depending on diverse opinions regarding moon-sighting. Regardless of when this blessed month begins, the MCB hopes that Ramadan will be a unique opportunity to foster unity and brotherhood among our communities across the country.

In his Ramadan message, Farooq Murad the Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “Ramadan comes at a particularly anxious time for many British Muslims who have relatives affected by the devastating floods in Pakistan. As this is a month when most Muslims pay their yearly Zakah and when we are also encouraged to donate to those in most need, we hope our communities can continue to donate to British charities, who have done so much to help those most in need’.

`Ramadan is a time for self reflection and good neighbourliness. It is a time to share with others, regardless of faith. I hope mosques and centres can share the beauty of Ramadan with fellow Britons. And I hope our practise of donating to good causes during this holy month extends to those most in need in this country as well. Above all, as we seek the spiritual blessings that this month has to offer, I hope this month of Ramadan can also offer unity and the creation of special bonds between Britain’s diverse Muslim communities”.

Kullu aam wa antum bi-khair.


Notes to the Editors:

The Muslim Council of Britain is the UK’s largest Muslim umbrella body with around 500 affiliated national, regional and local organisations, mosques, charities and schools.