Muslim Council of Britain Calls on MPs to Reject Anti-Terror Bill

09 Nov 2005

The Muslim Council of Britain will be jointly organising a meeting in Parliament this afternoon to lobby Members of Parliament to urge them to reject the Government’s proposed new anti-terror measures.

`This bill has huge implications for the Muslim community, many of whom already suffer from unfair targeting and harassment by the police and security services. These draconian measures have the potential of alienating large sections of the Muslim community who will undoubtedly be at the receiving end of increased police powers. While we accept that necessary steps should be taken to help prevent terrorist attacks, we believe the police already have more than sufficient powers at their disposal and that the government has failed to justify the need for these drastic measures,’ said Sir Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

The Muslim community, along with other civil and human rights organisations, is alarmed at the prospect of the extension in detention without charge from 14 to 90 days; and in view of the ‘glorification clause – the circumscription of dissenting opinion through the banning of non-violent groups and the implications for expressing legitimate criticism and condemnation of oppressive regimes and those who violate international legality.