MCB Welcomes The Creation Of A New Commission for Equality & Human Rights

19 Nov 2004

The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes the Government’s announcement yesterday concerning the creation of a single Commission for Equality & Human Rights (CEHR). The new Commission will hopefully provide the required institutional support for a future Britain where all citizens, including British Muslims, can benefit from maximum equality of opportunity and are able to fulfil their full potential.

Following the powerful case made by the MCB, as acknowledged by the Government’s response, the MCB welcomes the announcement on extending the current legislation against religious discrimination.

‘The MCB will assess the details of the new provisions on religious discrimination and incitement to religious hatred against the clear and unequivocal commitment made by the Prime Minister at the last Labour Party Conference, where he pledged to `change the law to make religious discrimination unlawfulÂ…as with race, gender and disability.’ In the interest of fairness, equality and justice, we have every expectation that the new legislation on religious discrimination will cover ‘harassment’ and ‘public functions’ in the same way as currently covered for race,’ said Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the MCB.

The MCB hopes that, with the setting up of the CEHR, the Government will ensure that the structural failings and weaknesses of the existing commissions will be left behind, as will the inconsistencies and inequalities in the laws that these bodies are currently responsible to implement.

We are hopeful that the new CEHR will be the first step in the right direction towards a fairer and more prosperous Britain.