MCB Welcomes PM’s Commitment to Palestinians

15th October 2001

The Muslim Council of Britain welcomes Prime Minister Tony Blair’s meeting with Chairman Arafat today to discuss a resumption of negotiations and a just resolution of the Palestinian cause.

“The PM visited Muslim countries in the Middle East last week and he has worked hard to understand their concerns that a stable Middle East, and thus a stable World, must include the creation of a viable Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” said Mr Yousuf Bhailok, Secretary-General of the MCB.

“It is crucial that UN resolutions 242 and 338 are fully implemented, with a full right of return for all Palestinian refugees. The Israelis have continually tried to evade and change these basic principles and the world community should not allow them to do so,” said Mr Bhailok.

“The Palestinian people have been dispossessed and oppressed for 53 years. We in Britain have a historic responsibility to the Palestinians. It is now time the world looked for an urgent resolution to this issue,” said Mr Bhailok.

Mr Bhailok has just returned to the UK from last week’s OIC meeting in Doha, Qatar, where the Foreign Ministers from 57 Muslim nations issued a communiqué also stressing the above points.

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