MCB Welcomes Election of the first Executive of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board

11 May 2009

The Muslim Council of Britain today welcomes the adoption of the Constitution and election of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB). MINAB, a community-led independent body, will provide practical advice, guidance and support to stakeholders to achieve the objective of self regulation with the aim of improving provision of services.

MINAB is a milestone for the community as British mosques, of all Islamic traditions, will come together to encourage and promote good practise.

Supporting the initiative, MCB’s Secretary General Dr Muhammad Abdul Bari said `I am very pleased and honoured for the Muslim Council of Britain to have been part of this historic initiative. Learning from our own ethos of seeking the common good and being inclusive, the MCB has endorsed MINAB to ensure that British mosques of all shades can come together to promote good practise and strive to offer better services not only to British Muslims, but to the wider community at large. Mosques should become a beacon for all of us, and we hope MINAB will conduct pioneering work that will eventually illuminate this goal for all of us.’

Dr Bari added “MINAB has been established with the deliberate and conscious decision to be an inclusive body. We hope that members of its Executive Board are mindful of this onerous responsibility as it goes about its work”.

The MINAB has so far been joined by nearly six hundred mosques and Imam training institutes from across the country and from all sections of the Muslim communities, Shia’s as well as Sunnis living in Britain.

The MINAB was founded by four voluntary and independent Muslim organisations – the Al-Khoei Foundation, the British Muslim Forum, the Muslim Association of Britain and the Muslim Council of Britain. The four organisations committed themselves to work together for the betterment of Muslims in the United Kingdom. Following many months of nationally conducted public consultation a Constitution was agreed.