MCB Welcomes Conviction of Sex Offenders but Urges Caution on Racialising Crimes

08 Jan 2011

The MCB congratulates the law enforcement agencies for securing convictions against the criminal gangs engaged in nefarious activities against young vulnerable girls. Society owes a duty of care to its vulnerable members and this tragedy demonstrates our collective failure.

Dr Shuja Shafi, Deputy Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain said: “As a community, we need a united stand against such criminal activities. When it concerns criminal behaviour, no justification is valid. The victims are young vulnerable girls whom society has failed to protect. This ought to be recognised and action taken to protect our vulnerable young girls from being abused. Issues of this complexity and sensitivity require objective and effective community action in an environment of calm not hysteria generated by media or politicians. Dr Shafi, further added, “Linking race and culture with crime, without any substantiated evidence is dangerous and sets a slippery slope. These are criminals and it should be seen as such. We need a proper national investigation before we jump to any conclusions to the contrary. It is unfortunate the former Home Secretary, Jack Straw made a blanket assertion that Pakistani men specifically target young white women as they are ‘easy meat’. These comments are not based on national evidence.”