September 15, 2000

The Muslim Council Of Britain (MCB) welcomes the MEDIAMARCH which is to take place on Saturday 16th September, 2000 from the Houses of Parliament to Trafalgar Square and assures it of the full support of Britain’s Muslim community.

The MCB has been alarmed at the relentless stream of pornography and violence, which is bombarding homes all over UK via the newspapers, television, satellite, cable and now the Internet.

MCB was very surprised at the recent July 2000 High Court ruling which allows previously banned explicit sex videos to be released in Britain for the first time.

The MCB Secretary General, Mr Yousuf Bhailok said,

“We do have responsibility to safeguard the moral values and standards which are norm in a civilised society. Freedom cannot be absolute. Our society has learnt not to allow the freedom to drink and drive.”

The MCB believes that the High Court ruling was very short-sighted and its consequences for our society can be damaging, particularly to the youth.

MCB urges Muslims in the community to join and support the march.