MCB urges YES for the Alternative Vote

22 Mar 2011

This May, British people will for the first time ever be given a say on how they elect their representatives. This is a historic opportunity for all our communities to decide how politics should work, taking ownership of the democratic process.

Following a full democratic discussion of its central working committee, the Muslim Council of Britain is backing a YES vote.

We understand and respect those who believe we should rather vote no, but we believe that a YES vote will be in the best interests of all Britons, regardless of religion or party affiliation.

We all believe that politics can be better. AV means that all voters will have a stronger say in our elections, and that all politicians will have to reach out further and secure majority support from the communities they seek to represent.

The BNP are campaigning for a No vote because they know what a YES vote means – that racists who won’t reach out have no future.

This referendum is important to all voters. It’s important to have your say. It’s important to get involved. You can join the Yes campaign today at

Ensure your voice is heard. To register to vote, or apply for a postal vote, visit