MCB Urges MPs to vote for Lords’ Amendments to Terrorism Bill

14 Feb 2006

The Muslim Council of Britain has written to MPs to urge them, ahead of tomorrow’s vote on the Terrorism Bill, to vote for the removal of the ‘glorification of terrorism’ clause as supported by the Lords.

The MCB cautions that the Terrorism Bill as it currently stands is built on a definition of terrorism which would proscribe support of legitimate struggles against violent autocratic regimes and occupation forces. The letter advises MPs to reflect upon the serious ramifications of introducing legislation which severely curtails fundamental civil liberties and will affect community cohesion.

`The British Muslim community has made clear its determination to work with the authorities to stamp out terror, but terrorism will only be defeated by united communities working together – not through a Bill that is perceived as unfairly targeting Muslims and stifling legitimate debate. The Muslim community and the MCB therefore calls on the Government and on all Members of Parliament to acknowledge our deep concerns on this and encourages you to not overturn the Lords amendments relating to the glorification of terrorism’, wrote Sir Iqbal Sacranie, MCB Secretary General.